How to Refile Bankruptcy After Dismissal

Filing for bankruptcy protection is a complicated and often overwhelming process. To then hear that your claim is dismissed is not only frustrating, it can induce anxiety knowing that the pressure of your debts has not been resolved and that it’s only a matter of time before the collectors start calling again.

Types of Bankruptcy Claims

One of the key phases of filing for bankruptcy is taking a thorough inventory of your financial status. This includes your income, the assets you own (including currently-owned or recently-transferred property of yours), your monthly budget/living costs, and of course, a detailed accounting of the debts you owe.

Main Categories of Debt

Despite the generally negative connotation of debt, there are important benefits to carrying debt and eventually paying it off. Perhaps most obviously, taking on debt and making monthly payments in full helps you build good credit, allowing you to secure the best interest rates and/or highest limits on future credit cards, loan applications, car purchases, and home mortgages.

What Are Junk Debt Buyers?

The practice of buying “junk debts”—debts that are significantly delinquent and have been given up on by the original creditors—and then attempting to collect on them has grown into a thriving industry worth billions of dollars.

When Can I File for Bankruptcy Again?

Maybe you filed for bankruptcy once and felt the relief of finally being able to get your life back: your credit card bills were gone, you were able to get back on track with your mortgage payments and, with some luck, you were able to hold onto most of those things that were important to you.

What is Bankruptcy Fraud?

Filing for bankruptcy is seldom an easy decision, but sometimes it is the only way out of what may be an insurmountable debt. If it is the right path for you, you will have to list all your assets and property, including anything you may have transferred to somebody else, including relatives, within a specified period of time.